We are particularly proud to introduce to Quantavolutionists and to their readers our friends from non-English speaking coutries.  Their papers, all delivered in English, were almost all re-written by themselves into English from their native language versions. We have carefully avoided interferring with their own, personal expression of their ideas and have not edited the papers to meet the standards of language purists. We are all too aware of the possible treacheries of indiscreet - and sometimes of discreet - editing. If an expression appears difficult or obscure, we would rather have the reader try to make up his/her own mind, than to block access to the author's thought by an interpretation of our own.
Ami de G.

Q-Lightning, by Prof. William C. Mullen

Go to: Q-Lightning

Har-Harkom, the Mountain of Yahweh, by Adm. Flavio Barbiero

Go to: Har-Harkom, the Mountain of Yahweh

The Apocalypse of the Year 10,000 BC - Myth or Reality? by Dr Michel-Alain Combes

Go to: The Apocalypse of the Year 10,000 BC - Myth or Reality?

No Dark Matter! by Dr Laszlo Koervélyéssy

Go to: No Dark Matter!

A Comet During the Trojan War?

Go to: A Comet during the Trojan War?

From Phaethon to Pachamacac, by Prof. Emilio Spedicato

Go to: From Phaethon to Pachamacac

The Flood of Deucalion, by Prof. Emilio Spedicato

Go to: The Flood of Deucalion

Designing digital archives, by Elizabeth Churchill / Jeff Ubois

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