Jeff Ubois

At Mosquée de Paris - Salon de thé, June 8th

Jeff Ubois

Jeff Ubois is a Berkeley, California-based consultant on archival issues for Intelligent Television in New York; for Fujitsu Labs in Sunnyvale, California; and for the Preserving Digital Public Television Project at WNET/Thirteen in New York. Earlier, he was staff research associate at the School of Information Management and Systems at the University of California, Berkeley. For the Internet Archive, Jeff has worked on managing orphan works, the collection and retention of digital library usage data, and the launch of the Open Content Alliance. Jeff has also worked as a consultant to the Sunlight Foundation, OCLC, and the Bassetti Foundation, and has been published in First Monday,D-Lib,Release 1.0, the Journal of Digital Information, and ACM Interactions.

Contact: j e f f @ u b o i s . c o m
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