Adm. Flavio Barbiero

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Adm. Flavio Barbiero

Flavio Barbiero is a retired admiral in the Italian Navy, whose last tour of duty was with NATO in Brussels. Graduated as an engineer, he spent most of his professional life in the development of military systems. This did not prevent him from cultivating a wide range of non-military activities both in the scientific and cultural fields. He organized two expeditions to Antarctica and wrote several books, ranging in subject from palaeo-climatology to biblical research. His interest in the Bible goes back several decades and his first book on the real story in the Bible was La Bibbia Senza Segreti (The Bible without Secrets), Rusconi, 1988.  It was inspired by  the discoveries of the great archaeologist Emmanuel Anati in the Negev desert, where the real Moses' Sinai has been identified. As an active member of Anati's  Centre of Prehistorical Research, he has participated since the '80s in its yearly archaeological expeditions in Israel.

His book, A Breed of High Priests,is to be published in the USA by Inner Traditions.

Contact: f l a v i o @ f l a v i o b a r b i e r o . c o m
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